Being brought up in a lifestyle where I wasn’t able to talk about what was happening at home, I took that with me into my adult life, which rubbed off on all of my relationships going forward in life.
Pushing everyone away because I felt nobody could understand the depression I was suffering from, even I didn’t know what it was. The day I met Alison met and started to have sessions with her I felt strangely enough cured it sounds weird, but I’d step out of a session feeling like I could do anything which helped me a lot with my confidence and with accepting who I am.
Having depression didn’t define who I am, and now I’m striving to live a better, and happier life. Sometimes it all gets back on top of me, but because of Allison, now I know I can get up and keep going instead of the giving up attitude I used to have, so thank you Alison.
When you helped me you never gave me the feeling you was only there for the income, you was like my second chance in life so I can’t thank you enough for everything.

Jamie, Birmingham