Children & Teenagers

One in ten teenagers find that those feelings get so bad that they want help from someone.

From school work to spots, dating to drugs, bullying to body issues, sometimes it seems like today’s teens have more to feel stressed about than ever before.  Children and teenagers who suffer from mood, anxiety or behavioural problems may feel overwhelmed, and feel that their problems are far too big to overcome.

I can help  children, teenagers and their families to develop individual treatment plans to help learn new problem solving skills while they increase their confidence and sense of self esteem.

I can help children and teenagers who may have:

* Anger issues
* Exam worries
* Anxiety
* Panic attacks
* Depression
* Eating disorders
* Phobias
* Self esteem
* Confidence
* Sleep problems
* Relationship worries
* Bullying issues
* Body worries

You can see me on a one to one basis for a personal consultation at my private practice in Worcester.

Contact me now to see me and together we can work to easily and effectively to improve your life.