I came to EFT during a difficult time in my life and found that prescription drugs and counselling were not for  me.  This made me determined to find something that would help people quickly and easily back to full health.  I feel there is a misconception that personal change has to be long, drawn-out and painful. I now know that this is not true, and EFT is the perfect tool to use.

I have helped so many people to become free of emotional stress, issues from their past and supported them back to being themselves and able to enjoy their lives again.  EFT is my passion and I love helping people to be free from things that no longer serve them.

I see each of us as unique individuals. Sometimes we may have the answers we need, but it can be difficult to find these answers as they may be so locked away. My role as your therapist is to create a safe space to help you work through any issues and to empower you to achieve the outcome you desire.